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Blood Stagnation in the body

Blood stagnation in simple terms is where the blood becomes "static" (non-moving or very slow-moving) within the body.

Blood is formed by the essence of the food and beverages we consume. Once formed, blood circulates with oxygen collected from the lungs through the cardio system within the blood vessels throughout the entire body.

It therefore supplies the organs, skin, muscles, bones and tendons the vital nourishment of oxygen and nutrients, so we have the energy to be able to carry on doing our daily things.

Is Blood Stagnation the Cause of Your Pain?

We all know that blood circulates in our bodies but what you may not know is that aside from being a vital nutrient substance, blood can also be a cause of pain in our bodies.

This stagnated blood can be referred to as toxic blood, because it is absent of oxygen and nutritional substance. Our muscles become tight and hold on to the stagnated/toxic blood for too long, so the fresh blood supply to them isn't as effective as it should be.

How to reduce blood stagnation.

Blood stagnation is virtually impossible to prevent in the long term because it is naturally caused from a build up in our daily lives, from things like our jobs (especially desk work where we sit in an unnatural position for long periods), stress and also our diet.

There are things that can help reduce stagnation in the blood, such as drinking an adequate amount of water every day, having regular exercise and treatments such as acupuncture, massage and cupping therapy are very effective to alleviate and more importantly prevent blood stagnation from occurring.

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